About Us

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of a nation. It is the backbone of our economic system. Agriculture not only provides food, fuel, fodder and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very huge population of a country. At present, agriculture besides farming includes forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, poultry, mushroom, bee keeping and arbitrary etc. Today, secondary agriculture are providing better employment opportunities like marketing, processing, distribution of agricultural products etc. are all accepted as a part of modern agriculture.

Marumegh is a quarterly magazine aim to publish popular articles pertaining to different aspects of agriculture to enhance personal productivity of farmers, helping them to achieve enormous yields with the use of technology, providing an open access platform to authors to publish their knowledge & experiences, helping readers to gain knowledge of best activities in the field of agriculture, bringing happiness and prosperity to the farmers and the nation and utilizing latest agricultural ideas and techniques for agricultural development.

Marumegh is committed to fulfill these requirements of the farmers, authors and readers by providing the techniques and ideas related to agriculture and allied business. So, look forward to it can be done by sharing our best agricultural technologies and knowledge to each other; an initiation to publish the magazine (Kisaan E Patrika),named 'MARUMEGH', was taken.