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Celebrate bonfire night for free

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It's nearly Bonfire Night and what better way to celebrate than by watching a great firework display with your friends and family.

There are lots of displays happening on the 5th November, plus some on the surrounding days too, so we've found a few of the best free ones from around the UK.

Arguably the most impressive and most anticipated firework display in the city that started it all off 403 years ago.  An unashamedly old-school event which is all about the fireworks, though there will also be music, to which the pyrotechnic show is choreographed. Refreshments available throughout the evening.

It is best known for 1066, but the town of Battle is also said to be where Guy Fawkes sourced his infamous gunpowder. The notorious Battel Bonfire Boyes go all out each year, competing with fellow bonfire societies to create the biggest and loudest event. A torch lit procession through the town starts at around 7.45pm (be prepared for a lot of noise), followed by the lighting of the bonfire and fireworks.

If you're a big fan of bonfire night then you will love this two day celebration. Activities start on the Friday night and spread throughout the streets of Lancaster. There will be light installations, LED displays and craft stalls. Then Saturday brings you singers, guided walks and, of course, the free firework display. You can order free wristbands online to gain access to some of the best viewing spots.

If you want to get involved with the 5th of November activities but you aren't a big fan of loud, blasting rockets, then look no further than The Bivouac's bonfire night. This venue is taking a more relaxed approach to celebrations by focusing on having a roaring bonfire and lots of traditional cold weather foods, such as mulled wine and toffee apples.

Winner of the ICA Award for Best Free Event, which is unsurprising since the gunpowder is in the hands of the award-winning Fireworx Scotland display team. The music is provided by local bands and there's a giant bonfire and funfair, too. It all gets going at 7.00pm but arrive in good time because this is one of the Highland capital's most popular events.

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